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The attorneys at D.F. McGuire & Associates, LLC are dedicated to the ethical practice of law.

People who hire lawyers are often unaware that all attorneys must follow professional rules designed to protect the public, clients, and the legal profession from attorney misconduct.

Those same rules also protect lawyers and function as guideposts to help legal professionals represent clients effectively.

We are familiar with the ethical rules, professional practice standards, and law in this area.  We advise clients with respect to potential claims they may have against attorneys and, in appropriate cases, we will defend lawyers against claims that they engaged in faulty representation or professional misconduct.  

Some of the more common types of attorney misconduct include:

  • Failure to Communicate Adequately:  Not returning a client’s telephone calls/written communications or not keeping a client reasonably informed as to the status of the matter.
  • Failure to Act with Diligence and Promptness:  Missing court dates, deadlines, statutes of limitation, or failing to employ the degree of skill that an ordinary member of the legal profession would use.
  • Failure to Safeguard Client Funds:  Embezzling unearned client funds; failing to maintain complete records of legal fees and disbursements

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